HTML 5 Asteroids

For some months I've been playing around with HTML 5's Canvas element because I was curious about it, especially after seeing it run Flash. I hacked at it for a while then realized I had produced an Asteroids game.

Fluid Table Tennis in the browser


It renders a table tennis game interacting with a full-color real-time fluid simulation at 60 FPS.

It utilizes the algorithim created by Jos Stam (Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games), monochrome dynamics implemented by Oliver Hunt (Oliver's simple fluid dynamics simulator), amended with RJ Marsan's RGB example (Plasma Pong Android by RJ Marsan) and a little special sauce by yours truly.

For those of whom don't understand why this is impressive: It just is.

This is possible mainly due to the wonderful work done by both the Chrome and Mozilla teams.

It has been tested to work with the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox.

An infinite runner following a black and white pixel's quest to change into a color pixel

The Game

Play the game at our Project page, here: Color Quest

You play as Pigment, a black and white pixel on a quest to become a color pixel by collecting color diodes. You race through a forever-scrolling grayscale obstacle course, changing between the RGB colors you collect to survive. For example, changing to a blue pixel will allow you to slow down time and move with better reflexes. Traverse as much of the world as possible, while absorbing as much color as you can. Use absorbed colors to purchase upgrades in order to help Pigment achieve his colorful form.

ExecutiveMan, a JavaScript MegaMan clone

About ExecutiveMan

ExecutiveMan is a clone of my favorite NES game, MegaMan, written in JavaScript. The ExecutiveMan engine aims to have 100% complete feature coverage of the original MegaMan games. The only thing that is missing at this point (outside of only having 14 types of enemies, and only one type of additional weapon) is ladders, for one very simple reason: Ladders require extra up and down buttons which make the game very clumsy to play with touch controls.