Swipeshow – jQuery Touch Enabled Slideshow

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Swipeshow – jQuery Touch Enabled Slideshow

Swipeshow is an unassuming touch-enabled JavaScript slideshow.


  • Showcase anything. You're not limited to images: any markup will do.
  • Touch-enabled. Swipe away on your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or anything touch-enabled.
  • Style-it-yourself. The default CSS has nothing in it except laying out your slides side-by-side. You'd be in charge of figuring out how to add borders or anything else you like.
  • Hardware-accelerated. Animations are done via CSS transitions, which will render smoothly on mobile devices. It will automatically fall back to frame-by-frame animation when transitions aren't available.

More features!

  • Auto-pauses on hover
  • Percent-based width slideshows are supported
  • Graceful degradation (shows slide #1 when JS isn't available)
  • Auto-advance can be turned on/off (autostart)
  • Configurable, like... totally
  • Can be controlled via JavaScript

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