OpenTip – Free & Open Source JavaScript Tooltip Framework

OpenTip is a javascript tooltip framework. It's free, open source and comes with different styles.


  • Stems (little pointers)
  • Automatic content download with AJAX
  • Different styles
  • Automatic repositioning of the tooltip if it's not in the viewport of the browser anymore
  • All kind of triggers (The tooltip can be triggered by mouse over, click, form submit,... everything you can think of really)
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Well tested, with over 200 unit tests

qTip2 – Pretty Powerful Tooltips

qTip2 is the second generation of the advanced qTip plugin for the ever popular jQuery framework.

qTip2 provides you with tonnes of features like speech bubble tips and imagemap support, and best of all... it's completely free under the MIT/GPLv2 licenses!

  • Speech bubble tips
  • Integrated AJAX
  • Viewport repositioning
  • z-index stacking
  • Modal tooltips
  • Imagemap & SVG support
  • IE6 support (BGIframe) …and lots more!