ScrollerJS – Javascript Library to Build Performant UI Components for Web

ScrollerJS is a javascript library that helps you build performant UI components for the web.


  • Refresh functionality (PullToRefresh plugin)
  • Circular scroller (Endless plugin)
  • Horizontal scroller with Scrollbars (Indicators plugin)
  • Carousel with sticky snap (Snap plugin)
  • Carousel with soft snap (Snap plugin)
  • Infinite image loading from Flickr (InfiniteLoading plugin)
  • Custom 3d animation (FX plugin)
  • Custom 3d animation with gyroscope (FX plugin)

Zino UI – jQuery UI Widgets and Charts Library

Zino UI is jQuery based, WAI-ARIA compatible, user interface framework consist of 25+ different components. Cross-platform user interface framework for you Web & Enterprise applications. It's free to use for your personal or non-profit website projects.

Notable features:

  • Widgets: 25+ jquery UI widgets and components
  • Tools: SVG graphing lib, HTML5 canvas lib
  • Charts: rendering in SVG or Canvas, 15+ chart types
  • Server wrappers: easy integrate in your php application