xtypejs – Elegant, highly efficient data validation for JavaScript

xtype.js is an elegant, highly efficient data validation for JavaScript.


  • Provides concise, performant, readable, data and type validation for JavaScript, using close to 40 highly efficient, data-validating pseudo types.
  • Improves application efficiency and readability by unifying the most basic but common data and type validations in JavaScript apps, into single, concise, highly optimized operations.
  • Employs bitwise operations, data pre-processing, and memory-efficient memoization for fast, robust performance in small and large apps and libraries.
  • Ready for nodejs, requirejs, and regular script tag.

jExcel – jQuery Plugin to Embed Spreadsheet to WebPage

jExcel is a jQuery plugin to embed a spreadsheet, compatible with Excel, in your browser.

You can load data straight to the table from a JS array, json or even a CSV file. You can copy and paste from or to Excel straight to jExcel. 

You can easily integrate with third party jQuery plugins to create your own custom columns, custom editors, and others. 

It has a plenty of nice features such as key value dropdown, CSV loading/exporting, multiple spreadsheets and much more.