meioMask – jQuery Mask Plugin

meioMask is a simple use plugin for creating and applying masks at text input fields.

* Accepts paste event;
* Has fixed and reverse mask types ( allow number mask );
* You can still use your hotkeys and others (ex: ctrl+t, ctrl+f5, TAB …);
* Supports metadata plugin;
* Works with iPhone;
* Allow default values;
* Has callbacks for invalid inputs, valid and overflow;
* Has function to mask strings...

imask.js – Vanilla Javascript Input Mask

imask.js is a vanillajavascript library to create input masks.


  • get and set raw and unmasked values easily
  • no external dependencies
  • RegExp mask
  • Functional mask
  • Number mask (integer and decimal)
  • Date mask (various format support)
  • Dynamic/on-the-fly mask
  • Pattern mask
    • show placeholder always and only when necessary
    • unmasked value can contain fixed parts
    • optional input parts (greedy)